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Advice for Financial Investments

Personalized Investment Approaches

Enjoy personalized investment plans crafted to match your unique financial goals, risk, and investment parallel.

Responsive Customer Support

Receive prompt and dedicated support from our customer service team, assisting in your investment journey

Diverse Investment Options

Explore a range of investment opportunities across various asset classes, ensuring a wide-ranging and quick-to-bounce-back portfolio.

Robust Risk

Benefit from a robust risk management approach, afford protection to your investments, and prioritize capital preservation.

Transparent and Ethical Practices

Experience an arrangement with clearness and ethical standards, ensuring your investments are managed with principle

Regular Performance Updates

Stay informed with timely performance reports, market analyses, and detailed insights, giving someone the authority to make informed decisions.

Investment Universe, Process & Strategy

Stock selection procedure involving 3 strategies:

Long Term Winners (70-75%):

Stocks relevant from a 12-18 month perspective, these are companies which have a proven track record of profits over 3-5 years, meaningful growth triggers & beaten down stocks with favourable risk reward.

Tactical bets (25-30%):

Stocks that are relevant from 3-6 months horizon. Major buy triggers include a change in government policy, industry consolidation and company specific opportunities.

Rebalancing Strategy

1/ Company or Industry fundamentals have started to change.
2/ Too much negativity around a company or sector.
3/ An extreme macroeconomic / market situation.
4/ Stocks that have better growth prospects or better capital allocation policies.

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How We Work

Our Advice Philosophy is Simple - We Put You First

Our approach is straightforward as we prioritise your needs. As advisors, we remain independent, steering clear of any ties to particular products or services that might influence our advice.

At Investor Paradise, a Motilal Oswal broker, we pride ourselves on collaboration. We function as a team, working together internally and with you, providing as much or as little guidance as you require.

Our size is our strength We are large enough to provide advice on a broad range of topics,yet small enough to deliver exceptionally personalised services to our clients.

USP of the Investors Paradise as the Portfolio Manager

Combination of Tactical Bets along with Long Term Winners.
Generating growth over long term as well as take advantage of special company / sector situations.
Concentrated portfolio of 15-20 stocks.


What Is HNI Investing?

HNI Investing: High Net Worth Individual investing caters to individuals with important financial assets. We provide exclusive and personalized investment solutions for high-net-worth individuals.

What is The minimum investment for HNI?

The minimum investment for High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) varies based on specific opportunities and strategies.HNIs cannot invest less than Rs 2 lakh in an IPO. Contact InvestorParadise for tailored investment options.

How do I become an HNI Investor in an IPO?

To qualify as a High Net Worth Individual (HNI) for IPO participation, meet minimum income or net worth criteria set by regulatory authorities. Consult with for personalised guidance and exclusive opportunities.

What is Investing in IPO-HNI by Loans?

High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) may leverage loans to fund IPO investments, increasing their participation capacity. This strategy requires careful consideration of risks and financial capability. Consult with financial experts like InvestorParadise for tailored advice.

What is the Prime Portfolio for the HNI?

Prime Portfolio is a concentrated portfolio for the High Net-worth Individual that blends tactical bets with long term winners and provides investor advantage with a mix of long term compounders as well as special company/sectoral picks.

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Investors with moderate risk profile having an investment horizon of a minimum 3-5 years.


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